Our partners in hospitality safety

Your team members are your most valuable resource, and finding the ultimate protection for them during safety incidents is essential. HaloSOS provides that with cutting-edge technology – they're passionate about protecting people to ensure they receive nothing but excellence in times of need. Don't settle for just the minimum standards; aim higher!

What HaloSOS offers:

  • A wearable panic device keeps lone workers feeling safe with an easy to activate notification system.
  • Precise location tracking features allow teams to be located during emergencies, both indoors and outdoors.
  • An emergency mass notification feature ensures that all team members are quickly informed with pertinent updates and reassured of their whereabouts.

How your organization benefits...


Turnkey Compliance

Ensure your hotel is fully accredited and prepared for success. Our comprehensive turnkey solution helps you avoid costly litigation penalties by achieving total compliance with local laws. Maximize efficiency while protecting yourself from surprise legal fees!

Asset Protection

With our state-of-the-art safety solution, you'll be able to prioritize the well being of your people while also maintaining a prestigious brand. Make sure that your company is seen as an employer of choice by keeping those around you safe and secure!


Employee Retention

Invest in your team by providing an environment that values safety and wellbeing - it can play a crucial role in making sure employees remain part of the company for years to come.

Top five ways to keep hospitality staff safe

Encourage employees to follow their intuition, as it can help guide them when it comes to raising an alert in an emergency. Timing is vital, and the difference between acting or hesitating can often mean the difference between the successful prevention of an unfolding incident and an unfortunate outcome.

Keep employees up to date on their rights and responsibilities

There are laws in place to protect people at work. In a well-run hotel that has guest experience as a top priority, all staff have to be on board with the hotel's mission, because a well-informed team feels supported and safe, and knows they are cared for.

Have a safety plan

Introduce a safety training schedule and practice it regularly. When an emergency occurs, it’s important that the team responds calmly with muscle memory, and that everyone has a series of protocols they can follow. Having a well-executed protocol can also assure that everyone will be accounted for during and after an event has occurred.

Leverage panic technology

Panic alarms or buttons can help hotel employees alert security to an incident in real time. Wearable watch-like devices act as a voice-activated panic-button. Employees can wear the device during their shift, and in the case of an emergency, can be located instantly and accurately. This makes it so that security and management teams are able to precisely locate their entire staff in the case of either personal or mass crisis situations.

Encourage employees to report incidents

Some team members may feel uncertain about how to go about reporting an incident. Perhaps they feel it’s not reportable as it may only be something they have witnessed, or they may feel their job will be put at risk if they say something. It goes without saying that prevention of a future serious incident can be dependent on management’s awareness of past incidents, so that necessary steps can be taken to prevent them from happening again in the future.


"Given the fact our hotel has over 500 guest rooms and suites with an extensive back office area we could not have done this without HaloSOS! It was a perfect install."

Complex General Manager

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HaloSOS is partnered with WorldSafe. WorldSafe helps organizations identify what tools they should consider when trying to optimize their safety procedures. Working together, we can ensure that employees feel safe while at work and reduce the liability risk associated with providing a safe working environment.