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Verkada is a cloud-based video surveillance company that offers enterprise-level security solutions to businesses and organizations. Their scalable platform combines high-definition cameras with user-friendly software, enabling remote access to live and recorded footage, access control management, and space monitoring. Verkada also provides advanced features like facial recognition, people and vehicle analytics, and proactive alerts for an intelligent and innovative security experience.



HaloSOS is an emergency communication platform that provides real-time alerts, two-way communication, location tracking, and automatic incident escalation to enable quick and effective responses to critical incidents and emergencies. It is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of various industries such as healthcare, education, hospitality, and more. HaloSOS helps improve safety and security for employees, customers, and stakeholders by providing a fast and effective emergency response solution.


Report It

Report It is a leading incident management software solution designed to streamline the reporting process within organizations. Recognized for its commitment to user anonymity, Report It fosters an environment of safety and trust, encouraging employees to promptly and discretely report any suspicious activities or incidents. By bridging the communication gap, Report It significantly contributes to proactive threat mitigation efforts across various industries, making workplaces safer, more secure, and more responsive to potential threats.

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WorldSafe and Proventus unite to combine deep security expertise and innovative risk management strategies, providing our clients with enhanced protection and resilience in a rapidly evolving world.



The CKG Foundation champions teen mental health awareness, aiming to eliminate stigma. Through education in mainstream settings, they empower teens and their influencers, fostering open conversations and prioritizing mental well-being.